Sunday, May 1, 2016

Jamberry Party

SO I know I must be late to the party for these Jamberry things. But DD has a friend who is a Jamberry consultant, so she had a party and I went to check it out...and have snacks...and get free stuff!!
 See free stuff! And here's a  Link to Melody Johnson-Jamberry Consultant. 
So if you want to learn more and order some you can!
 So here's the Jamberry in action. They are like sturdy stickers that you stick on your fingernails instead of nail polish. See here are DD's fingernails. Cute, right?
They have dozens of different designs and also solid colors too. I learned all kinds of things at the Jamberry party! SO now you do too!!
Friday, April 29, 2016

Get the Puffs Tissue

Yes it's P&G Olympic sponsor and worldwide thanker of Moms latest celebration of Mom and the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio.  Get a box of Puffs handy.

Thanks Mom!
#p&G Employee
Sunday, April 24, 2016

And Here's the Window

 SO I retrieved these old windows from my Folk's place last weekend. They were in the old garage at their house.
 Take a close look at these babies. Look, they are assembled with mortise & tenon joint (thanks Norm Abrams & PBS) and then there are wooden pins that hold the joint in place.
 There are four of these windoes and the garage they came out of was likely over 100 years old.
 I can remember playing on the dirt floor of that old garage, hanging out with my Dad. I must have been maybe 4 or 5.

 So I brushed off the cobwebs and dust and brushed off the bits that were loose.
 I put a dab of glue in some of the joints to help them stick together better-a lot of the wood has rotted in places.

 Glue is wonderful stuff!
 You can see in this window where the corss peice is missing. Some really clever carpenter made the holes just right for the cross part to fit into.
 Then the windows were screwed together with a wide plank to make a big window. Those old screws were pretty tough to get out! I almost gave up and left them in.
 But here they are hanging in Bob & Ben's room.
 They look great on the wall I think!
See Bob likes them! 
Friday, April 22, 2016

Flowers in the Yard

Lookie here! Tulips are sprouting up and in just one day they bloomed!!
 My "gardener" aka Darling Daughter, planted the bulbs around the flag pole and they sure have taken off!

 The violets that grow everywhere are coming on strong this year! Love little violets!

 And the lilacs are just getting going. mmmmm they smell soooo good!
 Here's my broken crock being all decorative, cute right?
 And after all these years of trying to get stuff to grow on the hillside-besides weeds- we have a lot of flowers coming on! YAY!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Day Trip to Mom & Dad's

 SO DD and me popped up to my Mom & Dad's on Sunday. Dad was busy running the buzz saw. He'd had the oldest garage torn down and will be using the scraps left over for firewood.
 I took a couple of short videos before I went inside to sew a little bit with Mom.

 Dad likes trees and he tries to keep the old ones in good shape.
 This is a good tree but it was too close to the house...solution? Encourage it to grow away from the house! That iron flywheel has been encouraging this tree for a few years now.
 Dad also blew the whistle for us! You know, not just anyone gets the whistle blown...that's really love made from brass!!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Dog Hairy Seat

 Look the peonies are starting to come around! It's a great looking day today!
 The hillside is greening up and my gardener mowed the lawn yesterday! After we fixed a flat tire! So today it's time to clean out hubby's car
Look, here's the before...Sandy's Hairy seat.....a winter's worth of fluffy dog hair.
 And here's after! No more hair-whatever happened to those kids who I could bribe to clean out the car?
And here's the fluffy dog with her new summer haircut-no more Sandy's hair seat for awhile!!
Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Door Banner for Spring

I quickly worked up a door banner for my friend that lives in an assisted living apartment. It's fun to see what the other residents have on their doors. Of course I think her door looks the best!!
 I think she likes having a new one to match to season-remember I made the bunny one for Easter time? I stitched a little bit on the watering can-so it doesn't look like a grey blob-and it came out pretty cute!
 This time I just traced the letters that I printed from my computer on to Heat & Bond iron on fusible. Then cut it all out and fused it in place. I used a fat quarter from my stash and quilted it a little bit and TA-DA!
All done! Bright and cheerful!
Saturday, April 9, 2016

Being A Do-Gooder

 SO today I volunteered with Habitat for Humanity. Our local chapter-Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity has several homes in the works, and my employer, P&G-Iowa City, volunteered to supply 2 shifts of volunteer labor for the home build in Coralville, Iowa.
This is the location for the home-a 4 bedroom single level home for a very nice woman and her 3 sons.
 The morning shift met at a parking lot nearby and built walls from 2X4s and 2X6's. They staged these walls for us-the 2nd shift of folks to move to the home location.
 While we waited for the trailer to bring our walls to unload we transplanted a couple of lilac bushes-boy were they rooted deep! Running a shovel is always a good time-said no one ever!! And we also cleared away some branches and debris from the "yard" The foundation is in place and the flooring slab is supposed to be poured this week.
 Here's a load of walls being loaded at the nearby park.  and then we had volunteers practice their trailer backing skills.
 It took a couple of tries, but the fellas did a great job getting getting the trailer closer to the place we needed to stack the walls.
It was a beautiful day, not hot, nice and cool, and the labor was not really hard. Lots of moving stuff around. But it all fits in to the big picture and that's a nice house for a family.
Sunday, April 3, 2016

Well, it was on SALE!

 So I went to see my friend who lives in an assisted living facility to take her shopping, but it was too windy and she didn't want to go out so I had no choice but to stop by the Inspired to Sew store-it used to be called Pine Needles, but now I guess it's just inspiring. And I really don't need any more fabric at all, but they were closed for awhile remodeling, so I also had to see what they did. Not much that I could see. Anyways....
 Anyways, LOOK! They had Pokemon fabric and it was on sale-onlt $4 a yard. I had to get a little bit-especially that I choose YOU!  print! Sooo cute! And then I had to try it out with the bowtie pattern for that wedding we have coming up in August.
 I made this pattern before using the tutorial from Sew Like My Mom and it came out so cute!

Maybe Uber Son will come over and test it out for real!
Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Baby Quilt Finish

 So, a girl at church has a new baby girl and I have been needing to use up some existing fabrics, so I thought what a great time to do a little sewing! Oh and I also opened up this cute little clip light we got at IKEA when we were in Minneapolis recently! What a handy little lamp, it's called Janjso-you know how IKEA names all their stuff. I just clipped it to Bernie's carrying handle and bent it around. Nice!
 And it can clip on almost anywhere!
 SO I had Bernie embroider the new kiddo's name on the backside of the quilt before I  assembled it. Her name is Annalee, but it's not ANNAlee, it AWE-NAlee...crazy, right?
 Anyways-here's the cute quilt all done with dark brown binding and squiggly line quilting-follow the lines-easy peasy!
 And after a quick wash and dry-crinkly goodness!
This was a whole cloth quilt, I didn't piece a thing at all
 But it sure came out cute!
I'm sure the new Mama will enjoy it!