Tuesday, July 7, 2015

All This....

SO I wonder who decided to make EVERY snap in the world different? I must have at least 5 different tools to put on snaps with and even then, it's a little bit lucky if I have the right one. Has no one in the snap business ever heard of standardization? 
 Any way I finally got the correct set up to replace this one , simple snap.  I need to invent a tool that would install ANY kind of snap perfectly every time, without using a hammer . Yup, I better get busy on that.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th of July Fixing

SO I told you about the handy dandy automatic water bowl I have for the dogs outside. Well the hose started leaking so I went on the hunt for a new hose. Garden hoses were too big so Hubs suggested I take a lok at a washig  machien water hose. Well lo and behold it was just right!
 SO I took off the leaker off and cut off one end of the new hose-because it has fittings on both ends- and replaced the hose clamp.
 And TA_DA the dogs are back in business!
 They're happy to have water, and I'm happy to not be leaking water! I can't take that  water bill as it is!
 Then it's time for the 4th of July Parade in Oxford. Fire trucks, horses, cars, and tractors galore!
 The kids got a ton of candy!
 And it was a perfect day for a parade!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Catching Up!

So I've been busy getting the last of the yard sale things taken away and deposited in various places. Stuff Consignment store for the nicest things, Salvation Army Store for useful things and just plain trash for the useless things.
I had a really beautiful surprise in my front flowers the other day! Look here....
 The prettiest lightening rod appeared! Isn't it gorgeous! I am in love! See it has a stained glass arrow on it and the lavender glass ball is so pretty!
 I'm not sure how or where my wonderful gardener got it but I do love it! AND her!
 I came home from work the other evening and look at these two. Just chillin' on the loveseat. Bob & Mitch always get along good.
 And last night I watched the fireworks with Mitch-the dog who isn't afraid of loud bangs- from our back porch.
 It was a comfortable 60degrees and my goofy city of Oxford had their fireworks on the 3rd instead of the 4th.
It's kind of hard to catch pictures of fireworks, but these will do.
Today is parade day-1st the Coralville, Iowa parade.We're all garbed in our Independence Day finery!
Next will be the Oxford, Iowa parade at 3.......Now I better get busy I have a dog water dish to fix!
Saturday, June 27, 2015

Up Bright & Early!

So it was yard sale Day today in oxford Iowa. I got up waaaayyy early to get my cool signs out, and finish organizing stuff.
 Boy that sign looks good as the sign comes up! Now to get the last of the pricing done!

 Cute pins and jewelry...we sold a little bit, lots of lookers but not too many buyers!
 Purses galore-DD donated some of her purse stash! And they sold well! Even the high dollar ones!
 Toys-so many toys this year!
 Lots of general stuff. It's amazing how much stuff all the members of our church have stashed away!
 And this year we had more clothes than I've ever had before. We didn't really have many high dollar items like some years. But we still exceeded last years earning by a little bit. We banked over $500 this year. The sloppy Joe lunch went over really well and made something like $128. Folks love Pastor Diane's secret recipe! I'm sure glad it's done for this year!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Yard Sale Prep

So, It's time once again for the Indoor yard Sale at our church. Oxford United Methodist Church, 202 East Main street Oxford Iowa-Saturday 7am-1pm. So look at all the donated stuff!
 Nice light fixtures-like new in box...
I'm not sure what this is. It's heavy-so probably lead crystal- and I think it's a cat...or maybe a pig, no it doesn't have a snout. and it looks like it should hold small things like sweetener it is!
 Quite a few glass mugs-a couple of these A&W ones..I better Google them...
 Some life jackets, and a swim aid....
 SO much stuff, and I'm not done unpacking it all yet! Dishes, pots and pans, lots of things you have to dust, craft supplies...and a wjhle bunch of vintage scarves and hankies...I gotta get photos of those yet...
 Little tap cute!
 And these vintage gloves! Aren't they just wonderful-Stetson brand with the tag!
I'll have to post some more when I finish unpacking! SO much to do!
Monday, June 22, 2015

Make Do & Mend...

I think the trend towards reusing, or "up-cycling" is a good thing.
I did my small bit today...mending!
 For some reason I tend to let mending for us pile up. Oh well-all done now.

 Have you noticed that patched jeans seem to be a fashion statement?
I noticed my favorite Pickers have been wearing patched jeans in recent episodes.
And look you can get these at Nordstroms for 80 bucks! On sale!
 I mend better than that!!
Look at these Neiman Marcus Le Skinny De Jeanne Jeans, Kittyhawk
$229.00 .......... thank goodness there's free shipping! I could fix those holes for you!LOL!
Look! Gwen Stefani has mended jeans so they must be in style!
I could fix those holes in your jeans David Beckham!
Anyways, It's good to know we're in style around here with patched jeans!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Merry Father's Day!

 Merry Father's Day to my Dad. What a handsome guy you were back then....and still are today.  Still checking the oil and washer fluid and keeping us kids and now Grandkids  on the roads. That's real love.
Thanks Dad for all you do for us. I Love you.

Visiting For Work

So, my employer (I work for Procter & Gamble) provides us with a day called deployment day. It's when they roll out the plans for the year ahead and try to generate some enthusiasm for work in general. You know, sing kum ba ya and hold not really. But they do allow part of the work day to go out to lunch with your work team and to do a team "bonding" event.
I had lunch with my team, and then for our team "bonding" we trekked out to the McBride Nature Area and visited the Raptor Center. I hadn't been out to the Raptor Center since Uber Son was a cub Scout! They've grown a little bit! But some of the same birds are still there. The Raptor Center houses birds that have been injured or are unable to survive in the wild. Many have broken wings or have been raised by humans (for some reason that I will NEVER understand) or have been permanently disabled.

This eagle has a wing problem and can't survive out in the wild , but it's amazing to see him close up at the Raptor Center.

Here are two of my Team members-Dave & Todd. 
We're providing evidence that we really did go bird watching!LOL!
 Each of the raptors are kept in their own enclosure.
 You don't really realize how big they are until you see them close up. It's a great area out at Lake McBride-a nice drive through the woods, and an easy walk through the butterfly garden and the prairie paths. Here's a link to learn more...McBride Raptor Center
 It seems kind of sad that some of these birds have been here for 10 years or more, but they would be dead if they hadn't been cared for by the Raptor Center. The center is a self guided tour and it is a really lovely area to walk around.
We saw owls, hawks and a falcon too. We had beautiful weather and the walk from the parking area was just what we needed after a big lunch!