Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lunar Lunacy

So I tried really hard to get a quick picture of the lunar eclipse last night, and I guess, you can tell, that my little cell phone just isn't doing the job. It was pretty cool to see though. I checked the progress from about 1:50am until about 2:05 am and it did get pretty pinkish colored, but I didn't see the red color that was talked about.

 Yes, I was at work...shhhhh.
I walked away from the lights and still couldn't get a picture of the shadow.

This is probably the best it got for me.
Saturday, April 12, 2014


 So Hubs volunteered me to make another baby quilt for a gal who works over at the American Legion. She's due in May for a baby girl and he says she likes pink and green.

 So it's my lucky day! I have this cute Riley Blake fabric and it has green and pink stripes. See I'm still on track with using up my fabric!
I have a bunch of blocks to square up now. This is going to be a cute baby quilt!
Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Moving Along

 I had a couple of four legged friends in the car the other day. We are back to a 4 dog home for a while again. Such good grand-dogs.
Yeager, just makes herself at home.
Anyways, I got some blocks cut out for a different boy-ish quilt. I used that template I made...TRIANGLES!
I better get busy, if I get this top done, I'll have two done and ready to quilt, if I get three, maybe I'll go rent the long arm machine!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

April Frost

Really? I mean RALLY! I sure wasn't expecting it to be this cold Saturday morning.  Oh well no matter, I'm planning to sew some quilt blocks for another baby quilt. DD has informed me we need a couple of girls quilts for a couple of nice gals she knows.
Chain piecing these 16 block squares sure goes fast, I have the 9 blocks I need for the baby size all done already!
Cute! I am such a bad color matcher I kept the baby socks and clothes print in all of the blocks. Most of the bloggers are using all different fabrics-I'm not that brave.
I have the back pieced and ready to go, but I need to go get some batting. If I get several quilt tops done I might take them to the longarm machine! I haven't been there in awhile!
And I have cut out the temp[lates I need for the next quilt I have in mind. I'm still on a mission to use up my fabric stash. I made these templates out of s sheet of plastic I got from my work. It is block with a texture on one side and it is found on some incoming raw material pallets. I think I'm pretty smart-I used my Crop-a-Dile to punch holes in the plastic so I can mark on the blocks when I cut them out. We'll see how this all goes, I'm not very template experienced.
Friday, April 4, 2014

Chilly 16 patches

So, It's April, you'd think it would be at least a little bit warmer, but noooo, of course it's chilly and the furnace when on the fritz.

So I plugged in my wonderful vintage fireplace and that kept the chill off while I was at work. Wouldn't want Hubs to freeze!!

Turns out the motor for the exhaust fan went bad. Deep sigh. Oh well, wouldn't life be boring if nothing ever happened? I could do without the bill though!

So now that we're all back to being cozy, I'm trying out some St Louis 16 patch blocks. Like this one at hopeful homemaker and this one at Sew With Sass- I think I'll just do 9 blocks, in baby size.
I'm still using up the fabric I have on hand, and doing pretty well, except now I just have smaller amounts of'll have that! THe selvedge on that baby print-It's goo goo gear and goo goo socks by Alexander Henery, and it says 2010 on the selvedge...YIKES! See, I need to sew this stuff up!
Wednesday, April 2, 2014

3 Inches is Better

So you know I've been dinking around with this baby play quilt. For awhile-hey, I had some distractions...
anyways, it is done now.
 The big news though is this. 3 inches is better. So many quilt patterns and plans call for 2 1/2" binding strips. I was always fussing with them.
 I couldn't get good corners. I was really struggling to get the look I wanted using my favorite all machine stitched binding.
 But easy as can be, use 3" strips, and LOOK! good corners, good coverage, looking good!
 I love this 3" binding.
I guess that just goes to show ya, that those fancy smancy quilt patterns don't always have the best way to do things! There's MY way! LOL.
Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Riddle Me This.....

SO a guy asked me if I could sew for him. I sadi sure, maybe. What do you have in mind? Well he had this green jacket-I chuckled and said, catch Lucky, he's got the lucky charms!, But no, he said he wanted to have a cosplay costume. 
 He is a fan of batman and he wants the Riddler costume for his cosplay hobby. He told me which version of the Riddler-Arkham City- he was wanting and I googled it and following his instructions I re lined the sleeves with purple poly satin.
 Then I appliqued purple satin over the lapels, it was a little tricky, but came out pretty good I think! I also used heat & Bond and added purple trim to the front pockets. Now for the trickier part.r
 The pictures all show Riddler with a big question mark on the back of his coat. I looked at fonts and then I ended up free-handing a big one on paper and then transferred it to the heat and Bond paper tha I had ironed onto the black fabric. I then did the same thing for the yellow fabric, and trimmed the yellow question mark so it fir with the black showing around the edges. Love that heat & Bond!  I opened up the lining of the coat and sewed the question mark on so it would be durable.

I think he was pretty pleased with it when I got done. Hey everyone needs a hobby, right?Model Picture from

Monday, March 31, 2014

Inside the Mailbox

So today it is crazy windy! When I got up I saw that our mailbox door was hanging open-YIKES! Heaven forbid that I lose a bill out of that thing!
 The plastic latch that is on the top of the box has lost it's latching part. So I put on my thinking cap and got crafty! Here's the plan:
 A little foamy sheet cut to fit with onto the latch-OK good, nice and snug. I'm sure folks driving by must have thought I was crazy taking pictures of my mailbox...
 Now put on the plastic latch holder part, then slip a tiny ziptie through the latch holder part.
 Yes, I'm pretty sure latch holder part is the actual name used by mail box assemblers worldwide.
 Cut off the extra ziptie, and flip that pointy end out of the way so it doesn't scratch my mail lady.
 TA DA! Now I'm slipping a bit of rubber tubing onto the door latch so it has a little bit of grip against the latch I just repaired.
There, Looks great, now let;'s see if the wind has been thwarted!
Saturday, March 29, 2014

Do You Like Onion Rings?

I like Onion rings with Ketchup. I don't really like raw onions and I don't really like cooked onions in big chunks, but if they are breaded in rings, OK!
 DD and SIL John and our friend Loretta went to Cheddars today for lunch.  It was pretty good. Take a look at how some people eat onion rings.....
 Yes you are seeing that correctly. She yanks the onion out. I think it's safe to say that she really doesn't like onion rings!
We had some leftovers too. SIL is such a good guy, he carried stuff around all day for us. He carried our leftovers, he carried our stuff out of Costco and he loaded it all up too. What a great day!
Monday, March 24, 2014

Sunday Business

Look what I did! Can you believe it? I was quilting along with a nice meandering line and look! I caught the backing fabric folded over.  ARGGGGGG! A little Un-sewing and we're back on track though!
 There! all done quilting this baby boy quilt. I think it will be going to the church bazaar in November..
 I love how it came out! I used navy blue thread to quilt it, and the back-after a little un sewing-came out really good! Now I just need to do the binding, maybe tomorrow.
 I am really getting to like not piecing the backs of these smallish quilts.
SO the pirate quilt I made for baby Brennen hasn't been delivered yet.
His parents requested a book instead of a card so I got this nice story book from b&n. And we all know a book needs a book mark right? SO I laminated a some scrapbook paper to make B bookmarks for Brennen. Love some alliteration! haha

 They look good! I also had space in the laminating pouch so I always tuck in some scrap paper to fill in the the space and make book marks for myself. Can't let that space go unused can I!
And I laminated the little cheat sheet I have that tells bed sizes on it. I'm going to keep one by my sewing area and one in my purse so I will know how big I need to go when creating quilts or buying fabric unexpectedly. But no buying fabric until I use up a little bit more of what I have! I'm debating between a few projects. The chat sheet I laminated is you-never-know-when-you-will-need-this-bed-sizes-and-dimensions/
here, you can print one out for your purse too!
Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Scrap Mission

I'm on a mission to sue up some of the fabric I have stashed around here. I'm not a hoarder, not like some folks you see on line anyways. But I'm kind of tired of seeing the same fabric over and over so here goes a 2nd baby boy quilt. I swear I'll never use up all of that pirate print that I liked so much a year or two ago!!YIKES!
I cut the main blocks 9X11 inches from a variety of boy-ish novelty prints and then decided to tone down the busyness by adding solid color diamond like I did on my brown and blue quilt last year.
I love this Alexander Henry fabric with the old time cowboys on it, and this is almost the last of it! I just have a tiny bit of it left.
It's a good thing I put that solid in there, I was getting kind of dizzy just looking at all the prints!!
Love those bears and what boy quilt would be complete without dogs and cars and some robots tossed in too! Now to decide on adding a border or not...I'll have to think about it!