Sunday, November 22, 2015


 So I was all ready for the snow.
 We got about 6 inches of the stuff out there so me and my friend Snowblower were ready for it! I knew my newspaper was out there in the drive way because I could see the delivery persons tire tracks in the drive way so I'm keeping my eyes peeled, and digging around and....
 Doesn't it figure! I get it smack in the middle of my friend's auger! 
 But here's the bright side! Hub's puzzle escaped injury and so did the TV section!
How lucky can we be! I wonder if the dogs could have found it--like search and rescue?!
Friday, November 20, 2015

It's Christmas Time!

Yes, you guessed it, I always say it's officially Christmas when my employee Holiday box arrives. 
Look closely at this box..the snowflakes are made of product! So cute....
 You may recall that I work at Procter & Gamble-hello corporate social media policy!
 It's a company tradition that they send employees a Holiday gift. And they are always a beautifully packed gift!
 This year the gift is a wooden tote box. I think it might be made for silverware & napkins but I think it will hold some scissors or sewing tools.
 In addition to the gift, there is also an assortment of product! YAY! And always packed in pretty cardboard.
 Have you tried these Bounty with Dawn paper towels-they are pretty nifty.
 Oh good some Downy, Cascade & Old Spice & Olay & Head & Shoulders....
 But the one thing that stays the same every year-delicious chocolate covered almonds!
And it's time to get my friend snowblower out! Gassed, oiled and a little air in the tires & ready to roll-
they say there's snow coming!
Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bernie & Me

I have a new sewing pal. Bernie. She's pretty cool-thanks Mom!
Bernie embroiders.....

 I have a lot to learn about Bernie.
 I already know that embroidery takes a lot of thread.
 But Bernie sure does work slick!

 Well, this was a surprise. I didn't realize that Bernie was going to cover up those cute little lines.....
But it does look nice!
Bernie also has a ton of feet!
 I am excited to try these little guys out. They both are for applying binding. I googled first to see what folks did to use these little wonders.
 Seems like for thicker (like quilts)  folks are recommending this foot.
 Obviously, there's a learning curve here......
 And those corners kind of make me wonder....
 But it sur is nice to sew both sides at once!!
 So now to try out the other foot. I thought I was out of luck because it needs an adapter..but the plastic foot had one! YAY! Thanks Mom!
 The ol' switcheroo, and away we go!
 Google folks say that this foot is only good for light weight fabrics, so here's a scrap of flannel to test things out on.....You really gotta keep the fabric in against the edge along with the bias tape...kind of a juggling act!
 It looks pretty good....
 but there is a learning curve with it.
SO another test with some of the weird vinyl-ish fabric. Not bad!

 Here's my finished table runner-look close--well not too close-but I mirror imaged the leaves! Cool, right?! Bernie did a great job!
I used the plastic binder foot to apply the binding-it was not bad! There must be an easier way to end the whole thing though. Google to the rescue! Bernie will do the work!
Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fabric Makes It All Better

So the main street in Oxford Iowa is still a mess.
 Driving around the mess is a hassle......
 I feel bad for the few businesses in town. They must be really struggling with this.
 SO on a happier note, I went shopping with my Mom. Fabric makes things all better doesn't it!
 Shes' getting this fleece to make a robe for my baby sister and her fiance.
And look at this lovely BURLAP! Who would have ever thought burlap would be fashionable! Now I'm off to practice using this fancy embroidery machine

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Veteran's Day

Well I don't know about this green light for veterans deal. But I do know my Hubs brought home a green bulb from the American Legion. So being the good wife that I am, I got that sucker put in there. 
 Have you heard about this? I saw a commercial on TV. To show your thanks and support you're supposed to light a green light bulb in your home. I see on line that some folks are saying it's a Wal-Mart scheme to sell light bulbs. Who knows!
  I put it in on the front porch light.
Done deal there. I figure if it makes my veteran happy then I guess it can't be all bad.
I thank all veterans for their service-green light or not..

Monday, November 9, 2015


SO I just am going to recap the Saturday event for my church-It went very well! My wooden sandwich boards served very well-never got blown over!
 I picked up the hams from the Amana Meatshop-mmmmmmm. DD was the cook and did an awesome job! Pineapple juice& brown sugar glazed ham, baked potato, green beans-no rolls this year-whatdya want for $10!?
 DD and her friend BJ ran the kitchen and kept everyone on task. Of course she had to organize the silverware first. We served on the old church china-I bet that stuff hasn't seen the light of day for 20 years! People commented on how nice it was to have china instead of paper plates. We served salads in the coffee cups-no messy plates here!
 The auction went very well It was such fun!
 And you can see we had a pretty good crowd!
 This quilt sold for $170
 And this one didn't sell-but maybe someone will buy it this week that saw it and thought about it!
There! Done, no more church fundraiser talk here now!
Friday, November 6, 2015

Pacifier Bibs-Available at the Church Bazaar!

Last year my Mom made cute bibs that looked like cowboy neck kerchiefs for my church's bazaar and they sold so well I thought maybe I should figure out something cute like that. SO apparently the latest and greatest thing in the baby world are these bibs that have a snap or loop to hold a pacifier. Pretty good idea I thought. SO I looked for a free pattern on line and found nothing helpful. I saw a lot of pictures of bibs that look like a long necktie with a pacifier at the end-kinda ugly. SOOOOO, I found a cute bib pattern at Craftsy
 Then I cut it out just like it is printed except no pocket on the front. Instead I made a tab out of grosgrain ribbon (it's about an inch wide and about 7" long before folding) folded in half and stitched down. I also used some twill tape on one bib.....
 Placed it in the seam allowance and stitched it all around leaving a space for turning inside out.
 Then I pressed it well-pushed all the curves out nicely and pressed the opening so it's almost invisible.
 Then here's my favorite trick-I top stitched it all around, but see how I moved my needle position over to the right so more of the foot is on the fabric and I can get close to the edge without falling over! I used my walking foot since this bib is curved and I thought it might try to wander around a bit.
 See! All pressed
 And top stitched with the opening closed up.
 Now i added snaps. I have some of these plastic snaps and the tool to put them on works so slick! So I got the parts i need all figured out.
 Then attached one snap on the ribbon tab. And I put another snap on the neck tab.
 I made it hang over a little bit so there's room for the pacifier handle.
 There-see I cut a paper pacifier out and put it in the tab!
 All done 4 baby bibs ready for the Bazaar.
Oxford United Methodist Church
All Church Supper, Bazaar & Auction Fundraiser
Saturday Nov. 7
Bake Sale & Bazaar start at 4
Supper served 4:00-6:30
Auction starts 6:45