Monday, October 27, 2014

I Fell In Love at the Auction

SO I went to an auction on Saturday over in Solon Iowa. They had a lot of the usual household stuff...
 That humpty Dumpty cookie jar went for $85..... Oh lookie, I used to have a sewing box like that!
 Maybe it's full of cool sewing tools....or NOT!!LOL!
nails and screws! 
Ooo, look at those cool vintage light cool is that!!  
Then I saw this......look at those smooth drawers...oh my goodness, look at that sliding glass....look at those cute little legs!! YIKES !I'm in love!

Yes, I'm going to bid.....I still have some birthday money left-Thanks Mom & Dad-so I can bid....
And YES I got it, and it's in MY living room now! Love it, love it love it!
Friday, October 24, 2014

Vet Visit

 So today Mitch had a vet appointment. I took him along with me to the bank before we went...every time I got out of the car he'd move over and sit in my seat.  Hey! You're too young to drive!
He's fine though, the vet gave him his rabies shot.
So now the poor guy is moping around the house. He probably thinks I tricked him into going for a ride and running errands. Sorry Mitch!
Thursday, October 23, 2014

Serendipitous Cement

Serendipitous Cement indeed. Our church had new steps installed. They were cracking and we're also getting new handrails too, so it made sense to get the whole job done at once. It's not cheap so if any of you want to send a contribution to the steps and handrail effort please feel free! Anyways, the guys came and were done with the cement in only one day-and then they cleaned up and TA-DA! 
But lookie here......Some leaves were falling and made impressions on the wet cement. it looks so cool! I almost wish there had been just a few more leaves all over!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Birthday Fun!

So the family gathered to celebrate the fall birthdays. The kids rode horses,
 and played in the hay barn and had a good day.

 We determined the good looking wooly bears were telling us that we would have a mild's bound to be better than last year, right?
 As always when we go to my older sisters house she had a project. This time it was a big gas grill she wanted assembled for her BF's Christmas present. So Uber Son and SIL went to work on that job!
 This is my Mom & Dad. Don't they look great! Dad cut up a little bit of firewood from a fallen tree-he avoided the grill project successfully!
 Uber Son with the multi person birthday cake.

 Lunch was late...sorry, who knew that Stouffer's Lasagne took a long time to bake, but it was pretty good by the time we finally ate!
Fun was had by all...horses, kids, wooly bears and cake! Who could ask for a better day!
Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Infernape Update

OK so no more costumes OK? Here's the last shot of the kiddo in the Infernape costume. Looks like a fiery ape to me!
Saturday, October 18, 2014

Infernape Halloween Costume

So I finally am finished with the Infernape Halloween Costume for Girlfriend-in-law's little boy.  This is what the Pokemon called Infernapre looks like.
And here's the hood for the costume. 
 Looks like fire doesn't it? That or a Vegas show girl!!
 And the whole thing. I think it looks pretty good. Those gold armor patches were a little tricky but I think they will satisfy the boy.
 And as requested a flame on the tail!
Phew! I'm glad that's all done! Maybe I can get a photo of the little trick or treater in the costume to share too.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Randomness Thursday

So I've been on the wrong day of the week all week, and as it turns out I'm a week bhind in blogging too I guess! So last week...did you see the klunar eclipse? I did, it was kind of cool, but as always hard to ccapture on a cell phone!

 Lookie here, Hubs made me cinnamon rolls for my birthday...there's a reason I keep him around! LOL!
 I escorted SIL to his Dr. appointment over at the University of Iowa. I don't usually have visits to the South end of the facility, but that's where his appointment was.  Look at the construction of the new Children's hospital building! WOW!
 It's pretty impressive looking. I hadn't seen this side of the construction before, and it sure does look good there I think! This is looking Westward.
See the red bricks of Kinnick Stadium in the center of the picture? They say there's going to be an overlooking view of the stadium when it's all finished. That should be interesting!  Now I better get back on track!
Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Birthday bingo

So we made the pilgrimage to play Bingo over in Tama, Iowa at the Meskwaki Bingo & Casino.
 SIL' s birthday was last Friday too so we had to celebrate.
 Alas! There is no joy in mud ville tonight. We are holding our streak as losers.
 But at least we aren't losing with our own private fan, seat cushion and bingo mascots! LOL!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Fifty Five

 55 is a pretty good number I guess, here's what Wikipedia says.....

Fifty-five is the 10th Fibonacci number and a triangular number (the sum of the numbers 1 to 10), it is the largest Fibonacci number to also be a triangular number.
It is a square pyramidal number (the sum of the squares of the integers 1 to 5) as well as a heptagonal number, and a centered nonagonal number.
In base 10, it is a Kaprekar number.
55 is a semiprime, being the product of 5 and 11 and it is the 2nd member of the (5.q) semiprime family. 55 is one of only two integers with an aliquot sum of 17 (the other being 39). 55 has an aliquot sequence of 4 members: (55, 17, 1, 0).

Well what do you know? A Kaprekar number...well how about that!
It's just a number to me though!! 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Happy Birthday To YOU!

 Hard to believe but this little guy turns 24 today!

Happy Birthday to my Uber Son!
Monday, October 6, 2014

I Have to Learn to say No!

So  a guy I work with brought me this fabric and asked if I could make covers for his furniture. I said, "You mean dresser scarves?" Yup that's what he wanted. He has antique furniture and knick knacks displayed on top and wants to keep the tops protected from dust and scratches.
 I am just apalled that the person who sold him this fabric thought it was the best choice. Not in a million years would I even suggest this fabric.
 It's like LINING fabric! It's acetate or something ravel-ee and fuzzy, and slippery, and slimy and is just awful to try to get and keep square. And on top of it all he wants 5 pieces and 3 of them are 40" long! FORTY INCHES OF HELL I say! I starched the crap out of it, and pressed it to death.
 ON the first piece I turned the hems under, on the 2nd one I just serged the edges-after spray starching and pressing to death!
 This method ordinarily makes a really nice flat mitered corner......well it is flat, but not so square as I would like. Oh well......
 Two down 3 more to go. I really need to say no whenever I get asked to work with awful fabric, but who knew it would be this bad!?

Friday, October 3, 2014

Chilly Days Are Here

Hubs went out and collected the last of the tomatoes today. We had a pretty poor crop this year, but I think it's better than being over run with the little things!
 Yup, down to 50 and supposed to be in the 30s overnight.
 That's good sewing weather! I'm working on the Halloween costume for Girlfriend-in-laws sweet boy who wants to be a Pokemon called Infernape.
It's coming along pretty well I think. Now it's time for a try on before I go much further.