Saturday, April 25, 2015

Junk Jubilee

 So we started out with a little rain and a little delay...but soon DD and me were on the road to pick up my OLDER sister, Julie and head to Des Moines Iowa for Junk Jubilee.
 Yay! We made it! And located our Dear Cousin! You would not believe the CROWD! WOW! So many people and so much junkie wonderfulness!
 Cute jewelry-these are glass soldered with bits of vintage textiles inside.
 Look at the creative use of a spoon handle for this pendant.
 And look at these made from old maps with the cities named in them.$18 each.

Here's a clever re-purpose! They cut the tops off of leather boots and made them into these little shoulder bags.
 There were a lot of industrial style pieces for sale. This looks great I think- But HEAVY!
 And of course a lot of garden type of decorations.
 This booth had almost anything you could think of wired to be a lamp.
 Check out the tailight lamp, and the whole bumper hanging on the wall lamp too!
 These chairs were made from old skis. A little too pricey for me--or as Cuz said-"what you don't have a beach home for these chairs?" LOL!
 More of the industrial look that seemed to be very popular...
 Love this table! We did notice there were quite a few things that were rusty, but not necessarily old...more like imported...BOO!
 These rocking chairs were the real deal though! The horseshoes keeping the wheels in place caught Older sister's eye of course!
 These old fashioned gates were everywhere we looked. Folks were using them for decorative spaces in their homes.
 And Lord help me...look at the FABRIC! Oooooo, lovely fabrics made into really beautiful quilts, with my beautiful Cuz.
 These purses were very nice too. They were made from old leather coats and such them matched with old textiles. Each tag told the story of the materials used. I really loved the style, but for $200ish, they had to stay there.
 Julie and I both thought this paint-by-numbers picture looked familiar-maybe it used to be bigger?
 And look another gate-a double one this time and only $145!
 The corrugated Iowas  were great to see. This booth had letters and all kind of things cut from old corrugated metal.
 How about the "truck" bench. It lights up too! $3750 and it's yours, including cup holders! I bet it weighs a ton!

 Lots of little kitchen nick-nacks all over the place. I always liked this kind of metal trays.
 Now take a look at the very cool purses/bags. Made from seed sacks and heavy duck cloth. They were very nicely made and has brass snaps that allowed the small bags to be connected for easy carrying. Unfortunately, the small bags were $65 and the large $185. Probably worth it because the workmanship was wonderful. But not in my budget.
 hmmm, maybe one of these lights would be good over our kitchen table? Or not...$200.
 I teased Julie about these wood slabs they had for sale. $12 each. I told her she has hundreds of dollars just laying out in her timber. I better warn Dad, she might be wanting him to cut some up next time he's out there....
 These were unique lamps and electrical art. I think they are pretty wonderful, but I just wired my lamp!
So we came home with some fabric, and an addition to the jadeite collection, and a good time was had by all!
Sunday, April 19, 2015


Remember way back in July of 2013, when I got this table at an auction over in Amana for , like, I think $5...along with this stuff too?

Well I really just wanted the turns out the table is also pretty cool-awesome good plywood...anyways, then I got this board from my Dad....
and I sanded, and sanded, and sanded, and sanded, and sanded.......then used the tack cloth,
 then used Danish Oil...recommended by the woodworker bloggers....
 oooo, how pretty......
 Marked and drilled the holes....
 screwed in the screws....
 and screwed in the screws, I was a little worried about this one so close to the knot..but no problems!
 So look!!!!!!

How awesome does this look!?!!!

 And moved into place....
 knot on the east end, knot on the west end....

Oh I LOVE the way this came out! And It took me a long time, but it was worth it!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Screen DIY

So I had a backup DIY project planned for today, just in case there weren't many jeans to fix at my church., Oxford United Methodist Church.. The screen on the back door was icky-old and dry rotted and faded and icky. SO while I was getting lamp parts at the hardware store the other day I saw rolls of screen marked down  to only $3.99 -Calling my name!LOL!.
 Today while my Mom and I visited, she helped me cut the screen to the right length, and then lucky me! One of our church ladies had some screen spline she gave me to use so I didn't have to try to re-use the dry icky old stuff! YAY! Thanks Ellen!
 There we go! The cool screen tool I own makes pretty quick work of this job! I used the scissors to trim off the excess and WOW! What a difference!
 Looks like somebody who knew what they were doing did it! HA!
Good for a few more years I'd say!
Friday, April 17, 2015

The Lamp

 So, I have had this lamp for a few years...yes I admit it, I have been avoiding it. It needs re-wired and it needs to have a new socket installed. But I keep it because, look, really, who doesn't love this 1950's look!! The shade and the fabulous ceramic base decoration. Love it!
 But here's the problem...see this light bulb? It has this HUGE told me it's called a mogul base. Ha--educational blogging....
 And look at this 100-200-300WATTS_DANG!!!! Now that's a three way bulb! But in today's world of energy conservation I really need to have a regular bulb in this lamp.
So off to work I go....This lamp was at my Sister's house, and this lamp lived with my Grandparents for years-heck they might have bought it! Anyways, Grampa or someone back in the day re-wired this lamp too I think. So I cut the cord and get the thing loosened up-it's pretty tight into the heavy base.
 Now the top part is loose enough so I can get in there  and pull out the socket.
 This is a porcelain socket and it's in good shape-no chips or cracks so I'm going to keep it in there. 
 I get the wires disconnected and then twist on my new cord and secure it with a wrap of tape and pull the new wire through the base and out the top. Easy peasy!
 I took a lot of pictures because I thought I'd need help remembering how to re assemble the socket. It will only go together one way so I need to get it in the right order.
 SO yes, of course, I had to do it twice-I kept leaving off a part! See here-I forgot to put the brass covering cup on the wire FIRST! DUH!! Anyways, I got it all back together. Nice and snug and not wobbly at all! YAY! But here's the awesome part. I didn't have to do anything special to make a regular bulb fit in there. I just put in one of these...

It's an adapter! So Easy, just screw it in and TA_DA! See it in there? I got one at my local Ace Hardware store-it was about $6.
 So now the lamp works great! I put in a new bulb-energy efficient- and this beautiful old lamp is back in use!
 The brass is kind o a mess. I washed it but the finish is just gone. Maybe I'll paint it...I better think about that awhile!